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Common Misconceptions About Home Energy Efficiency

Are you interested in energy efficiency in your home? You should be. Pennies add up really quickly and you could be spending hundreds of dollars too much every month to keep your home cool or heated. The problem is that many people have misconceptions about home energy efficiency. Because of this, many people aren't able to take the steps necessary to [...]

Guest Blog Posts

"Guest Blog Posts Accepted" Metro Energy Savers accepts guest blog posts that are in keeping with the overall theme of our blog.  If you are interested in submitting an article for publication please contact us by commenting to this post and we will get in touch with [...]

Save Energy with Your Light Bulbs

A Simple Wayto Save Energy (and Money!) Incandescent vs Compact Fluorescent vs Light Emitting Diodes There has been much talk on the subject of which light bulbs you should use in the home and how this can impact on energy savings.  The subject centers on the use of incandescent light bulbs versus the newer compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and light [...]

Energy Savings this Winter

  Energy Saving can be Big Money Saving! With winter just around the corner many of us are dreading the inevitable increase in our home energy bills.  Every year it’s the same thing; we turn on the heater and our electric bills soar through the overhead.  In North Texas the winters can be extremely hard and temperatures around the freezing point [...]

Surviving the Dog Days of Summer

  How to Beat the Summer Heat Welcome to the dog days of summer – a term that dates back to the ancient Romans who associated hot weather with the appearance of Sirius (the “dog star”) in the morning sky just before sunrise. Over the next couple of months, temperatures will likely linger around the century mark here in North Texas, and your air [...]

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke – Know the Signs

Identifying & Treating Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are serious risks, and with summer in full swing you should know the warning signs and treatments in order to protect yourself and your family. According to the CDC, exposure to excessive heat resulted in the deaths of 2,239 Americans between 1999 and 2003. The risk [...]

Reduce Energy Costs: Ensure Your Refrigerator Operates at Peak Efficiency

Everyone Wants to Reduce Energy Costs: Here isOne Easy Way!When thinking of ways to reduce energy costs and make their homes more energy efficient, most people naturally think about replacing their heating and air conditioning system, or windows, or adding more insulation in their attics.  These are all great options, but for many people they’re also [...]

10 Simple Ways to Reduce Energy Consumption and Costs – Part 2

More Low-Cost Energy-Saving TipsIn our last post, we discussed how proper use of your thermostat and ceiling fans can help reduce your monthly energy costs.  We also discussed some steps you can take to prevent phantom power draw from wasting energy. In this post, we’ll be discussing three more steps you can take that will help reduce your energy [...]
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