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Solar Makes Sense for Home Heating and Cooling

Have you ever considered solar to help offset your energy usage? Heating and cooling costs account for up to 56% of the average homeowners energy costs and today's heating and air conditioning systems are far more energy efficient than those on the market just a few years ago.  Some manufacturers also offer heating and A/C systems with integrated [...]

How to Use Your Car to Generator Power for Your Home

 If you want a low-cost and simple emergency power backup use your car. The 12V battery in the car will supply the power to an inverter such as this 1100 W unit   Next, feed the inverter output into a backfeed breaker such as the ones shown here [...]

Power Inverters for the Home

If you want to supply alternative power to your house with batteries or solar panels you'll need a power inverter to convert from the battery (most likely 12 or 24 Volt) system to the 110 AC found in a home. Here is agreat article on inverter design and what criteria to use in selecting an inverter that suits your needs. [...]
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