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5 Part Emergency Generator Series – Natural Gas Powered Units

Thus far in our 5 Part Emergency Generator Series, we've discussed how to select the right unit for your needs, and the pros and cons of propane and .  We've examined In part three of our emergency generator series, we looked at the pros and cons of propane, gasoline and diesel powered units. In part four of our series, we're taking a look at natural [...]

5 Part Emergency Generator Series – Gas & Diesel Units

In part one of our emergency generator series we assessed how much power you would need to power your home in an emergency situation with a nice worksheet provided by Yamaha. Now that you know how much power is required to operate your lights, appliances and heating and cooling system, we're going to examine the three fuel types used for power: gas/diesel, [...]

5 Part Emergency Generator Series – Selecting the Right Size Unit

In the event of an extended power outage, having a reliable emergency generator can be vitally important to your health and safety. Emergency generators can be used to power your lights and small appliances, and can even run your home heating and air conditioning unit. Over the next several days, we'll be posting a series of tips [...]

How to Use Your Car to Generator Power for Your Home

 If you want a low-cost and simple emergency power backup use your car. The 12V battery in the car will supply the power to an inverter such as this 1100 W unit http://www.dcacpowerinverters.com/itemdesc.asp?ic=PW1100-12.   Next, feed the inverter output into a backfeed breaker such as the ones shown here [...]
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