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How to Winterize Your Outdoor AC Unit

It’s great having an outdoor air conditioning unit during the summer, but when winter comes, the falling temps can pose a serious threat to your system. If you winterize your outdoor AC unit, you'll protect it from ice and snow, which will keep it from getting rusty and breaking down faster. Winterizing your unit is a simple and inexpensive way to [...]

Christmas Tree Fire Safety Tips

Christmas Tree Fire Facts Did you know that Christmas tree fires cause an average of 210 home structure fires each year in the U.S.?  The Christmas tree has been an integral part of the holiday season for hundreds of years.  Unfortunately, live Christmas trees are also a leading cause of fire-related deaths during the holiday season. According to the [...]

Is a Heating Tune Up Really Worth the Cost?

Although nearly all manufacturers recommend having an annual or bi-annual heating tune up performed by a qualified heating and A/C technician, far too many homeowners fail to have these inspections done. We all know that exceeding an auto manufacturer's recommended mileage for oil changes, and going years without a dental check up can have catastrophic [...]
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