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How to Keep Your Home Warmer this Winter

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Concerned about how to keep your home warmer when the mercury drops? The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that 40 percent of all energy consumption is due to home heating. And renewable energy including solar and wind-generated power account for less than 5 percent of the energy used by homeowners to heat their homes. Unfortunately, a [...]

5 Part Emergency Generator Series – Selecting the Right Size Unit

In the event of an extended power outage, having a reliable emergency generator can be vitally important to your health and safety. Emergency generators can be used to power your lights and small appliances, and can even run your home heating and air conditioning unit. Over the next several days, we'll be posting a series of tips [...]

Solar Makes Sense for Home Heating and Cooling

Have you ever considered solar to help offset your energy usage? Heating and cooling costs account for up to 56% of the average homeowners energy costs and today's heating and air conditioning systems are far more energy efficient than those on the market just a few years ago.  Some manufacturers also offer heating and A/C systems with integrated [...]

Individual Room Space Heaters can Save your Furnace and Your Money

Whether your home has a gas or electric central heat, using space heaters to supplement the heating capacity of your main heating unit can not only save you money but also wear and tear on your furnace. This is especially true for large multi-room homes with few occupants. Let's say for example the desired room temperature is 72°. Using space heaters to [...]

Online Energy Savings Calculator

Thinking of purchasing a new heating and cooling system for your home?  Although high-efficiency systems cost more initially, they can significantly reduce your monthly utility bills.  The Lennox Web site has a handy Energy Savings Calculator that shows how much you can save over a five-year period based on different SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency [...]

What’s Included in a Heating Inspection?

There are many benefits to having your heating system tuned up by a reliable heating repair company to get it ready for winter. First, a furnace that is properly tuned will run at peak efficiency to help keep your utility bills as low as possible throughout the heating season. Secondly, when a professional HVAC technician gives your heating system a [...]

Keep Warm this Winter with Insulation from Metro Energy Savers in Arlington

This winter, as the temperatures reach lows, there are many ways in which it is important to keep your residence warm. Aside from the standard maintenance and repair of your furnace or boiler unit, it is critical to make sure your home boasts the proper insulation in order to maintain a comfortable temperature this time of year. Our Arlington TX heating [...]

Heat Pump Installation and Maintenance from Metro Energy Savers in Arlington, TX

As we find ourselves in the midst of the winter season here in Texas, ensuring your home is properly prepared for the winter weather is of utmost importance. Keeping you and your family warm all winter long is on the mind of every homeowner, but not everyone knows the importance that heat pumps play in this as well. While minds tend to wander towards [...]

Dallas TX Furnace Repair

Regular maintenance of your heating system can keep your furnace running efficiently throughout the winter months and often save you from needing furnace repair. However, keeping your heating system perfect is not easy. Your Dallas heat pump experts at Metro Energy Savers Air Conditioning & Heating are available to help any time. Most furnace repairs [...]

Don’t Forget Your Ductwork with Metro Energy Savers

As the seasons change and the outside temperatures drop, it has never been more important to make sure your heating system is raring and ready to go. While everyone knows that heating systems require essential maintenance, and repair services from time to time, it can be easy to neglect your ductwork, which is equally important. Our Arlington TX heating [...]

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