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How to Conserve Energy and Save Money

by Martha Gail Moore We’re more than halfway through this summer, and for much of the U.S. it has not been a particularly hot one, except in the West. But even if your neck of the woods hasn’t been as hot as previous summers, you can still conserve energy and save money. Here are three simple things you can do that’ll get both these important [...]

Reduce Energy Costs: Ensure Your Refrigerator Operates at Peak Efficiency

Everyone Wants to Reduce Energy Costs: Here isOne Easy Way!When thinking of ways to reduce energy costs and make their homes more energy efficient, most people naturally think about replacing their heating and air conditioning system, or windows, or adding more insulation in their attics.  These are all great options, but for many people they’re also [...]

Solar Makes Sense for Home Heating and Cooling

Have you ever considered solar to help offset your energy usage? Heating and cooling costs account for up to 56% of the average homeowners energy costs and today's heating and air conditioning systems are far more energy efficient than those on the market just a few years ago.  Some manufacturers also offer heating and A/C systems with integrated [...]

Save Money with Energy Star Light Bulbs

The Energy Star rating is given to light bulbs that have achieved a very high level of operational efficiency. Energy Star rated bulbs will have a blue Energy Star insignia on the packaging, so they can easily be identified by just looking at the outside of the package. These highly efficient light bulbs will save 75% on energy consumption versus a [...]

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