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Summer Savings Alert!

Summer really adds to your home’s energy bills. Did you know there was a super easy way to keep more energy dollars in your pocket? Plus, you’ll see another special way to double your savings. Check it out…

That’s why we recommend having your cooling system serviced before each season of high use. Your home comfort system will run more smoothly and efficiently, which means more energy savings for you.

Plus, you’ll extend the life of your system while reducing the likelihood of a breakdown or repair. Hard to top that! Plus, now you can add a nice discount on top of your energy savings. Just call Metro Energy Savers Air Conditioning & Heating and get our famous 16-Point “Energy Saver” Tune-Up. Your system gets adjusted, reset to factory specs and cleaned. (Good thing since dirt is the #1 cause of system failure.) At only $69 (each additional unit only  $30). That’s already a bargain, but it doesn’t stop there…

With this card only, you can: