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Air duct cleaning can really boost your indoor air quality

All homes, regardless of size, eventually need professional air duct cleaning. In fact, this is a service that needs to be performed regularly to keep your home’s air clean and breathable. In this post, we’ll discuss what air duct cleaning is and why you should schedule an appointment with the professionals at Metro Energy Savers today. What are [...]

The Relationship Between Moisture and Indoor Air Quality

In a previous post, we discussed how proper moisture control can improve the quality or your indoor air, and help your heating and air conditioning system work more efficiently.   This fascinating, lecture-style video by the National Center for Healthy Housing examines the harmful effects of moisture on indoor air quality as well as your home's structural [...]

UV Light Improves Indoor Air Quality

With spring just around the corner, we’re moving from the cold and flu season into the allergy season. The simple fact is – indoor air quality is something you should be concerned about year-round. In addition to cleaning or changing your HVAC filter on a regular basis, and having your air ducts cleaned as needed, you might also want to consider UV [...]

HVAC Tips to Prevent Allergies

With the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s crazy weather conditions and high allergen content, there have been many people suffering from allergies; seen sniffling, sneezing and coughing. It is allergy season, and many people are finding ways to steer clear of pollen, hay fever, mold, dust mites, pet dander and other common allergens. From an HVAC perspective, [...]
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