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Metro Energy Savers Testimonials

What Arlington Area Customers Are Saying

“I just LOVE Metro Energy Savers. They are so good to me. I discovered them when our AC went out during a heat wave and we couldn’t get anyone else to come and help. Metro literally rearranged everything to get to us THAT NIGHT.”

– Kristen L.

We have had numerous emergencies and Metro is there.

And what makes me adore this company is the people who work there. Their crews are always punctual and they hustle and do excellent work AND they are polite! It is so cool to hear, “Yes, Ma’am” in a world or mannerless clowns.

Every time a service person comes out, I feel like I have made new friends. A particular THANK YOU to James and Chris who came out and put in my installation today!

Metro treats you like you are their top and ONLY priority and with respect and I will only do business with these guys.

“Just wanted to drop a line to tell you that the crew that installed our new air conditioner system did an outstanding job. They were so professional and pleasant while they worked. They were very careful and respectful of the house furnishings. They worked in a very timely manner. I just wanted to thank you for such a Great Job.”

– J. Franklin

“Your air conditioning services are excellent! I will definitely recommend you to my friends.”

– J.Fulton

“Metro Energy Savers! Great company, very professional, prompt, and honest! Will recommend to all my friends!”

– C. Humes

“Just a short note to offer my appreciation for the professional service in the installation of a condenser unit on May 10, 2008. First, to your dispatcher for her courtesy in handling the coordination of the required persons to make the installation a success. Second, to the technician who diagnosed the problem, and explained to me the benefits of a new unit as to the cost of repairs on the existing which was 16 years old. Third, to the installers who installed the unit in a timely and professional manner. They were very neat and represented your company in an excellent manner. Inclosing, my wife and I appreciate your maintaining our heating and ac units for a number of years. Because of your efforts, I will not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who requires maintenance or installation services.”

– R. Jardins

“On 8/2/07, two installers from your company came to our home and installed a three ton Lennox Air Condition Unit. Both of these men exhibited exceptional qualities in which they were polite, informative, and very proficient in their duties. Not only did they satisfy us with their work putting in our unit, they reflect credit upon your company and the old traditional work ethics, for which America was built upon. My family has bought two air conditions and other miscellaneous items from your business over the last eight years; however, it is the human touch and professionalism of these to men’s behavior that anchor my family to: Metro Energy Savers. Lastly, we want to congratulate you for putting your confidence in outstanding professional workers, as the two men mentioned above.”

– The Trammell Family

“I had a new HVAC system installed by your company, Metro Energy Savers, and I wanted you to know that I really appreciated the professionalism and work done by your employees. The technician from your company that came to our house spent a lot of time trying to solve our cooling problem, and made us feel at ease with your company and demonstrated he knew what he was doing. He was very professional, and we were really glad he was the one from your company that came out to solve our cooling problems. We were really in for a surprise when the next day installers showed up around 9:00 a.m. to install our system. They really worked well together and really worked hard to get our unit installed and working the same day. They never took a break or ate lunch, but kept on working in the heat in the attic, until the job was completed around 6:00 pm. We greatly appreciated this as my 89-year-old mother lives with us and has trouble breathing and needed the cool air. Your employees are truly professionals, and I think are really giving your company a good name by the hard work they do. Thanks for sending the three people you did, as these days it is hard to find hard working people that are courteous and professional, and certainly gives your company a good name. I would certainly recommend your company. This is the second house I have owned that I have done business with your company. Please pass along to your employees how much we appreciated their hard work.”

– Robert L.

“I am writing this letter to you to make you aware of outstanding service I received from one of your employees. On January 15, 2009, I called your office at 5:51 p.m. to report what I feared may be a problem with my heat pump system that I purchased from your company in May, 2006. When I dialed the 817-572-8700 number, my call was answered by the 2nd ring. She listened to my concerns and initial questions I had. As she began addressing my concerns I was very please by, first and foremost, her demeanor, and the way in which she spoke to me. It had to be obvious to her that I am uneducated about the heat pump systems simply from the questions I asked. She addressed my concerns in a manner that gave me a wealth of knowledge to be more comfortable with my system. I would have never expected to come away from that conversation with such a greater understanding of my system as I did. I commend, as a new customer of Metro Energy Savers, your hiring top notch employees; she certainly does an exceptional job as the first contact person for your company. In the conversation with me she not only helped educate me but also saved myself and your company time and money. In May 2006 when I was shopping for and receiving quotes to purchase a new system, your technician came to my home to give me a quote. His excellent customer service and knowledge of the product were the deciding factors for me to purchase from Metro Energy Savers! And, I must add that my conversation with your dispatcher on Thursday, January 15th reiterated to me that I made the right decision. As a new customer of Metro Energy Savers, I anticipate being a long-term customer of yours as long as you employ quality people such as these. I would like to request that this letter become a part of the employee’s permanent employee file and that this excellent customer service these two employees showed me be considered at their next review. Both of these employees are the kind of people that will help your company stand above the rest. I thank you for such wonderful support “after the sale”!”

– T. Bridges

“I just wanted to let you know that on March 8, 2008 your technician came to my house to work on my air conditioner. He advised me that I needed a new heat and air conditioning unit. Your crew was so kind and courteous. I found out later that I needed new duct work. When the crew finished installation, I could hardly tell they had been there. Everything was so clean when they left. I feel like everyone went the extra mile to make sure that I was a satisfied customer. I just wanted you to know that I will recommend your company to everyone. Steve made sure that everything was just right.”

– K. Cromer

“I wanted to especially thank you for your kindness and consideration. I will always have gratitude towards you for all your advice and help that you had given me. You are a good person in my eyes for taking time out in helping with my situation. ”

– D. White

“I have never, and I want to repeat never written a letter to any place of business that I have done business with. But the Level and Quality of service that I experienced from your company was over the top. I have never felt so good about giving my money to a company before as I was today. As a customer calling for this type of service you are always concerned that someone is going to get one over on you, because you as the customer don’t really understand what needs to be done. Your technician was very kind and I could tell he was NOT giving me B.S. My home feels noticeably different. I could go on and on. I don’t know what else I can say to let you know how GOOD I FEEL. You have a good man and are to be commended for hiring him. I have been in the customer service business for 15 years and I am constantly training my employees about good customer service. You have a customer for life and I will not hesitate calling on you in the future when we plan to upgrade our unit. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising it can either make or break a company. It will definitely make your company! Thank you again and pass this on to your technician please.”

– Erik G.

“Your company responded to our request of air conditioning service. Our downstairs unit was not holding the temperature and was not blowing normally cold air. We are writing this letter to commend your technician for his work. He was courteous, professional, competent and friendly. He was prompt and performed the work in a timely manner. He took great pains to remove his muddy boots when he came into the house from outside to insure that our carpet was protected where they worked. He was neat and very polite. He found the unit was low on refrigerant, unit was frozen up, and the schraders were leaking. He added enough to fill it and solve the problem. He didn’t charge for that because another technician had just performed routine maintenance on both units in June. He recommended installing a drain pan to the unit for $150. We told him we had not had it done before, because another technicians had previously quoted $450. He said he could do it for $150. He made another appointment to return today (July 7). He came today, right on time, did a really good job and was neat and very professional. He turned an air conditioning problem into a very pleasant experience with your company. This technician is certainly a tremendous asset to your company and with customer service like he provides, you will enjoy many returning customers and well deserved word-of-mouth advertising. Please pass along our thanks and appreciation to the technician for a job well done! We have been customers of Metro Energy Savers for some years and appreciate when your employees do an exemplary job.”

– Jim C.

“On August 22, I called to report that my air conditioning had stopped cooling and that I needed a repairman. I was told that someone would be calling to make an appointment. The following day someone from Streamline Inc. called. I told him I needed service ASAP on August 24. He said he would call back with an estimated time of arrival. Since I did not hear from him as promised, I called your company, again, to get service. Your representative told me to call the same company and leave a message. The rep. said he also had left a message for this company to return a call. With the temperature in my condo again reaching 100 degrees, I told him this was unacceptable. I needed service today ASAP. He then said I could arrange my own service, and I would be reimbursed. Frustrated, I said I would try the prearranged Streamline Company. Again, there was only a voice mail assuring a callback. When I called your company, I was told that you set up service with another company, and they would be out sometime on August 25th. Again, I told you I needed service that day. I was told that you do not provide emergency service. It was not an emergency two days prior when I first called, but after three days in 100 plus degrees, it had become an emergency to me. I called a trusted air conditioning service company, Metro Energy Savers, and they arrived within one and half hours to repair the problem. I called to cancel your service call and was told that you cannot refund any cost. It is apparent to me that your company did not care about my problem, my heat suffering, and did not tell the truth about the reimbursement. I could not understand why your company was taking three days to provide a service that I simply resolved with a simple two-minute phone call. With the poor response your company provides, I do not see the need to continue renewing your coverage. F.Y.I. Metro Energy Savers Company was able to find and repair the problem in less than an hour (also, they answer their phone and respond quickly to a customer’s problem). You should learn from Metro Energy Savers that customer satisfaction is what makes the difference in a successful company. ”

– Michael K.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for a job well done. On January 26th, ordered a new HVAC system from your company. My order started with a phone call to your company. First, I was greeted by a very professional and courteous voice, which was helpful and prompt. I was never put on hold, nor did I have to listen to a computer-generated caller receiving system. This was very nice, since in this day and age we tend to forget about personal relationships with customers. The operator immediately contacted the technician that originally serviced our old unit, and relayed a message for him to contact us. She explained that he was with another customer in the field and would call as soon as he finished. Now normally with most companies, I would probably have been forgotten at this point, but not with Metro. Your technician did call back, and not only did he call, but he dispatched two technicians to install my new unit at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon of THE SAME DAY. For lack of better words, I was floored at this gesture of service. Knowing that it takes several hours to do this kind of job, I thought to myself, “these guys are going to be pissed because they are going to have to work late.” AGAIN I WAS WRONG. At 2:00 p.m. two technicians from Metro showed up at my front door and politely introduced themselves. They were very professional as well, although I was about to find out how professional. After their introduction, they evaluated the job at hand and went to work. They put down tarps on my carpet to prevent dirt tracks and protect my investment in the carpet. They even made sure they closed the door every time they went outside, so our pets wouldn’t escape. The technicians worked late into the evening getting my new unit in and treated my home as if it were their own. This type of service is lacking in 90% of companies today and is the very reason customers like myself refuse to do business with those types of companies. After completion of the job, your installers gave us customer education on our new system and explained the best ways to maintain it. I cannot express how impressed I was at everything that happened. I had several people in my house the day all this took place, all of us being in the telecommunications industry as CONTRACTORS. We contract for major companies such as AT&T, Southwestern Bell, Charter Communications, and several others. We are all in management as well and surmised that Metro Energy Savers is in a league of their own. The service and work that your company does is something for others to emulate. My wife and I, as well as everyone that was here to witness your work, will recommend Metro Energy Savers to everyone that is in need of QUALITY equipment and service. I wish to thank the installers and everyone else that was involved with the entire experience. These guys DESERVE a bonus for their work. I am not telling you how to run your business, but recognition is worth GOLD. Again, I thank you and your staff. I have never enjoyed old-fashioned service so much.”

– Gaylon Y.