A Visit To Fort Worth Japanese Garden -ALL You Need To Know About It

The Fort Worth Japanese Garden is not to be missed. The garden is really worth a return visit. It is a major attraction for tourists in Fort Worth. The different kind of plantings and flower at the Japanese Garden offer that kind of special joy.

The Japanese Garden which is a seven and a half acre site. was a watering hole for cattle. a gravel pit. a dump. and a squatters’ camp before Scott Fikes. former Botanic Garden director. and Charles Campbell. former director of Parks and Recreation came up with and pursued the idea in the late 1960s to build a wonderful place of attraction and a tourist center.

However. showcasing the beautiful nature of the garden. the plantings offer a pleasant stroll from the main gate through the free courtyard garden to the ticket office to the green and awesome delights. A visit to the Fort Worth Japanese Garden is truly an event to remember.

Fun Facts about the Fort Worth Japanese Garden

The main gate of the Japanese Garden was designed by Albert Komatsu and associates. This is an architectural and design firm that guides the major project between the 60s and 7os and that was to enlarge and construct the Japanese Garden to the taste of on-lookers.

The Yoshino (Prunus x yedoensis) is a fast-growing tree that can reach more than 30 feet. Although the young trees do not produce a lot of flowers. mature trees bloom profusely.

Within The Japanese Garden there are few flowers blooming due to the Japanese practice of Mono no Aware. Mono no Aware translates to transient/bitter sweet beauty. meaning if the garden was always blooming it would never be special.

To showcase how beautiful the garden is. gorgeous weddings. and events are hosted in the garden. Also The Fort Worth Japanese Garden’s ‘Moon-Viewing Deck’ is a creative adaptation of the Ginkakuji temple’s famous ‘Kogetsudai sand cone.

Fort Worth Japanese Garden as a Tourist Center

Tourist attractions have the ability to attract worldwide attention which transcends from not only setting up a physical edifice but also embodies structures or places of natural and physical value. They depict the historical significance and outstanding beauty capable of awing and amusing the public: Fort Worth Japanese Garden is a major place for tourists to cool their nerves and enjoy their stay in Fort Worth TX. The garden attracts attention from different works that depict that visiting Fort Worth and The Japanese Garden is a worthwhile idea.


With amazing and exotic sites in The Fort Worth Japanese Garden, the garden stands out as one of the most visited and beautiful sites in Fort Worth TX