Air Conditioning Tune Up

Our AC Tune Up Service

  • An AC unit that goes without a regular tune up is likely working harder while producing less cooling for your dollar.
  • All heating system manufacturers highly recommend an annual inspection and tune-up to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty.
  • As dust builds up inside the interior and the physical pieces of your system begin to wear down, your AC system begins to slow.
  • An unmaintained system may be more likely to break down, especially during the summer.
  • An AC tune up from Metro Energy Savers will not only make your system more efficient, but it can help prevent the need for major repairs and can save up to 60% on operating expenses.

No one likes being stuck in the heat of summer, and there are few things worse than watching your AC system create a pile of high bills all season, only to collapse in July. To keep your air conditioning running right, you should really schedule maintenance on your cooling system every year.


The professionals at Metro Energy Savers can help. We offer AC tune-up services on all makes and models. Our industry-certified, factory-trained technicians will conduct a 16-point inspection on your system and address any problems. For thirty years, we’ve been providing superior residential and commercial AC maintenance service, and we look forward to working with your home or business.

Our AC tune up technicians are licensed, insured, certified
and have years of experience working on all major brands, including:

“Your problem is no problem” Call the people you trust – Metro Energy Savers.”

Don’t take chances with your family’s comfort or safety.  Trust the Fort Worth AC tune up specialists at Metro Energy Savers to keep your system running safely and efficiently.

We’ve been providing reliable, affordable AC tune-ups, repairs and new system installations to homeowners and businesses in Fort Worth, Arlington and the surrounding communities since 1987. Over the years, our commitment to customer satisfaction has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and countless loyal customers.

Give your energy efficiency a boost

Between the heat and the humidity, summers in north Texas can be sweltering without regular and consistent AC use. All that cooling comes at a cost, as anyone who opens their energy bill in July can probably tell you. However, an unmaintained system may not be getting you the best return on your energy investment.

An AC tune-up from Metro Energy can be a game-changer. Our skilled technicians will diagnose any issues with your system that might be causing abnormally high cooling bills. Even something like dust buildup can cause your system to work harder to cool your home.  We’ll put your system on the fast-track to better energy efficiency—and a better relationship with your wallet.

Did you know?

Metro Energy’s technicians are certified, licensed and trained to meet the highest standards in the HVAC industry.

Extend the lifespan of your system

Interested in replacing your AC system less often? Regular annual maintenance from Metro Energy Savers can give your AC unit a chance at a longer life. By reducing the strain the system undergoes when it’s operating inefficiently, our technicians will minimize the wear-and-tear placed on the entire air conditioner. Plus, we’ll replace worn parts that otherwise could give out and cause even more long-term damage.

Of course, maintenance won’t make your system live forever. As the saying goes, nothing lasts that long, and you may eventually want to upgrade to a new system in the future to reap the benefits of continually improving, energy-efficient technology. However, having a unit that lives longer gives you and your family options down the road.

Did you know?

For more than three decades, Metro Energy Savers has prided itself on providing homes and businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with exemplary service, expertise, and products. Our company values integrity and excellence.

Prevent repair costs from piling up

What’s more stressful? Getting your car an oil change every three months, or having to deal with the repair ramifications of going two years without an oil change? Your AC system operates on a similar principle: regular maintenance from seasoned pros like the ones at Metro Energy can help prevent your system from needing costly repairs this year and in future years.

When you schedule an AC tune-up with Metro Energy before summer arrives, you’ll know that your air conditioner is well-prepared for the season ahead. Since all the parts have been checked out by a certified technician, your system is far less likely to break down. After all, isn’t that money you’d spend on AC repair better spent on a vacation?

Did you know?

Up to 80 percent of all air conditioning failures could be eliminated if the problems that led to the failure were corrected in a timely manner.

If your AC is between 7 and 10 years old, it may be a good idea to consider the benefits of a new system. After all, the technological improvement of air conditioners alone in the last few decades makes modern systems quieter, more effective, and more efficient than their counterparts from previous years.

Metro Energy Savers can help you and your family find the right unit for your home. We provide free estimates on new installs, and our fully stocked trucks and factory-trained team means we can often complete same-day installation.

Not every air conditioner functions in harmony with your monthly budget. If you’re in need of a new AC system, we offer financing with approved credit. It’s a great way for you to get the system you need today, while budgeting for it throughout the year.

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