Air Duct Sealing

How Can Air Duct Sealing Help Save You on Energy Costs?

It’s a well-known fact that housing duct systems leak air out of various cracks or holes in the ductwork. While wasting your needed air conditioning or heating dollars each month, it also has an impact on whether your system runs efficiently and keeps you comfortable in the hot summer months or colder winter months. It’s time to call Metro Energy Savers and have our licensed and certified technicians evaluate your home’s air ducts today.

Signs of Leaky Air Ducts

  • Higher than normal utility bills
  • Spaces or rooms that are difficult to heat or cool
  • Ducts running through the attic, attached garage, leaky floor cavity, crawl space, or unheated basement.

Inspection and Repair Your Air Ducts

Our quality and professional technicians can properly inspect your ductwork and either repair, replace or install new ducts to help eliminate leaks in your AC or heating system. We work in all types of ductwork and deliver quality air duct sealing services and help you save on your AC or heating monthly costs.

Our #1 Priority is to Save You Money

Your home or office ductwork will determine whether your AC or heating system is efficient. When our quality HVAC technicians repair your leaky ductwork, you will not only enjoy lower monthly energy bills, but enable your HVAC system to operate with less stress and more effective and efficiently. You’ll notice the difference when you cool or heat your home or business. Additionally, air duct sealing will ensure you don’t have hot or cold spots in various areas of your home.

Call Metro Energy Savers today and schedule an appointment to have your air duct system checked and repaired quickly.

If you need to have an inspection of your air ducts system, or need new heating and air system, contact Metro Energy Savers today and schedule an appointment today.

You can count on Metro Energy Savers expert AC and heating technicians for system repairs, replacement and new installation. We have a 5-star rating with the Better Business Bureau and licensed, trained and certified HVAC experts. We have been serving the homes and businesses throughout Dallas and Fort Worth since 1987 with quality and reliable HVAC services.

We Service,  Repair and Replace All Makes and Models

About Metro Energy Savers

For 30 years, Metro Energy Savers has provided residential and commercial cooling and heating services—such as repair, maintenance, and installation—to the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area. Our combined focus on quality and excellent customer service has made us a local favorite and a company that people trust.


All of our technicians are highly-trained and certified to meet the most rigorous standards in the HVAC industry. Our core value as a workplace is honesty, and you expect the technicians working in your home to be not only courteous, but conduct themselves with the utmost integrity. If you’re looking for a company with great people as well as great products, look no further than Metro Energy Savers.