Air Handler Inspection or Replacement

For an inspection of your air handler or a possible repair or replacement, call Metro Energy Savers local Arlington HVAC technicians for fast response today.

Items to Inspect or Repair Include the Following

Blower or fan – This is often located in a squirrel cage blower driven by a motor that moves the air. It can operate at a single speed or have several preset speeds, or the drive can be variable, which allows for a wider range of air flow rates.

Heating/Cooling Elements – These are used to change the temperature of the air supply provided to the home.

Filters – These are required to keep the interior of the home free of dust and other particles, improving indoor air quality.

Humidifier – Especially in colder climates, where continuous heat makes air drier, this helps to keep air quality more comfortable and works to reduce static electricity.

Mixing Chamber – Air handlers are tasked with allowing air in from outdoors and exhausting indoor air; the mixing chamber assures a proper ratio of return, outside, and exhaust air.

Controls – These regulate the functionality of the air handler, including flow rate, air temperature, humidity, and air quality. Controls include temperature and humidity sensors, sail switches, actuators, and motor controllers.

Vibration Isolators – Blowers in the air handler can create a great deal of vibration, so these are often inserted into the duct just before and after the air handler, as well as between the fan compartment and the rest of the unit.

Air handlers are typically located in the garage, attic, or in a closet, unless it is part of a packaged unit, in which case it is incorporated into the rest of the HVAC system.

Usually, it connects to the ductwork that acts as distribution for conditioned air throughout the home, as well as a return system to the air handler.

In other cases, the air handler exchanges air directly with the space without any ductwork necessary.

Types of air handlers include up flow, down flow, and horizontal flow.