Ductless Air Conditioning

Metro Energy Savers Provides Ductless Air Conditioner Installation, Repair and Service

Ductless air conditioning provides a cost-saving solution for homeowners and businesses. In the last few years, ductless AC and customized cooling and heating options without the need for an entire system replacement.

What can a ductless air condition system do for you?

While most people are familiar with how a normal central heating or air-conditioning system is configured with a heat pump or furnace along with a cooling system that distributes the air through ducts throughout the home or office. Ductless AC and heating systems are just that, ductless, and provide the customer with wall-mounted units that push the heat or cooling throughout the home. There are multiple benefits that can make ductless AC the right choice for you, including zone control, increased energy savings and variable speeds.

Ductless AC Zone Control

The ability to adjust your home or office to different temperature settings, independent of other areas is one of the foremost benefits to a ductless AC system. Now you are able to reduce the need to cool or heat the whole house all the time, you can simply adjust it to the particular room or section as needed.

Increased Energy Savings

With the ability to control different areas and rooms within your home, you will inevitably save on energy costs, since heating or cooling the whole house or office to the same temperature would cost much more. Think of the yearly savings no matter if it’s winter or summer.

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