The Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

Located at 3200 Botanic garden boulevard Fort Worth and sited in an area totalling about 109 acres, the Fort Worth botanic gardens consists of a collection of gardens deluged with over two thousand native and exotic plants, a Japanese garden featuring cultural events like the Tsukimi(Moon viewing), ponds with Koi, pagodas and other Japanese-esque structures as well as the four seasons garden featuring ever-blooming flowers.

These, including a fragrant garden made up of aromatic plants and those with distinct textures for the visually impaired, barely scratch the surface of all that is to be seen in this strategically positioned collection of gardens.  Formally opened up in 1935 and with an estimated three hundred thousand plus annual visitors in the year 2018, this NRHP (National Register of Historic Places, United States) recognized 109 acre botanic garden as the perfect fusion of both the fun and educative, appealing to both the young and old and ideal for nature lovers and any lover of the picturesque.

Fort Worth Texas Nature Forest Broadwalk

An apt description would be “engaging”. Primarily for children, the broadwalk is essentially an outdoor classroom paved by an elevated walkway variegated on both sides with native and non-native plant species. Admission is free and children are able to indulge in as much as 13 educational stations along the way. These feature speaking tubes, hollow logs, and balance beams.

Four Seasons Gardens

Consisting of a motley of colors and a favorite amongst flower and nature lovers, the Four Seasons garden is not to be missed. Completed in 1995 and with a distinct meandering path, the four seasons garden consists of flower beds which are vibrant in all seasons, including flowers such as camellias, chrysanthemums, daylilies and azaleas, winter, autumn, summer, and spring flowers blossom. A combination of shrubs, annuals, and trees can also be found. Individuals can enjoy the general ambiance for free and revel in the peace and quiet of the environment.